Arcane Magic

  • Magic Users are the newest form of casters. Their spells are based on scientific principles, they manipulate the Earth’s natural forces in a manner similar to druids, but do so in a very clinical manner. Arcane magic is a magic of simple cause and effect. While arcane magic is not expressly forbidden by the church, it is suppressed because it’s very difficult to tell the difference between arcane and diabolical magic.

Clerical Magic

  • Clerical magic is a sign of divine blessing. 1st and 2nd level spells are cast through simple recitation of prayer, requiring no direct divine intervention. 3rd through 5th level spells are granted by arch-angels, and require the appropriate amount of holiness of character. A philandering priest will find himself unable to cast spells above 2nd level, unless it is God’s will. 6th and 7th level spells are granted directly by God. To cast spells of this level a cleric must be absolutely pure in both faith and moral character.


  • Diabolists go by the terms witch, warlock, sorcerer, necromancer, and many others. They gain their magical powers through pacts with the forces of evil. Most diabolists pose as simple magic users to keep their actions hidden fro

Druidic Magic

  • Druids are followers of the old ways, and their magic straddles the line between the arcane and the divine.

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