Character Creation

Step 1: Primary Ability Score Generation

  • Determine your character’s initial primary ability scores by rolling 3d6 for each ability score, in order.
  • PCs get 3 re-rolls. You may roll again for any ability score, keeping the better of the two scores.

Step 2: Secondary Ability Score Generation

  • Roll 3d6 for each of the following attributes: Overland Movement, Comeliness, Perception.
  • Apply your movement modifier to your base racial movement rate.

Step 3: Select Your Character Race

  • Apply racial modifiers to ability scores.

Step 4: Select Your Character Class

  • The following classes are available from the PHB: Fighter, Ranger, Wizard (Scholar), Cleric, Thief, Bard (Divine only)
  • The following classes are available from HR1: Vikings: Berserker, Runecaster (Renamed Rune Warrior)
  • Check the Character Classes page for house rules. Most classes have house rules of one type or another.

Step 5: Select Proficiencies

Character Creation

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